Supercharge Your LinkedIn – Starting Aug 6th, 2019


Learn how to Supercharge your LinkedIn to connect to your network, build your business and raise your profile while making more money. We teach you step-by-step all about LinkedIn and the amazing opportunities and tools you’re missing out on.



Be part of the In Crowd and master the mega potential of LinkedIn for you and your business.

This interactive online training course will supercharge your knowledge of LinkedIn, from powering up your personal profile and influence, to driving leads your way.

Topics covered;

• Power Up Your Profile
• Network Like A Pro
• The Ultimate Guide To Company Pages
• WTF Are LinkedIn Ads – And Should I Use Them
• Sales Navigator – lead building on overdrive
• Recruiting On LinkedIn
• Learn Your Way To Success

Our step-by-step video guide shows you exactly how to set up and create every aspect of LinkedIn.