Social Media Account Audit Template

and Video Explainer  

Setting your clients up properly BEFORE you begin running your ads is gonna help you manage your clients expectations, be able to accurately forecast performance and avoid disasters in future.

Here is an editable checklist already set up for you ( edit it as you like ) and a video guide on how to use the template as you run a full social media account audit for Facebook and Instagram.

Download Here

What to look for in an audit

  • Has the Facebook Page got an onbrand cover image and profile pic?

  • Are the call to action buttons correct and the tabs and reviews correct?

  • Is the story section and about section fully filled out with correct details?

  • Do the right people have access to the page? Is it linked to their IG?

  • What is their posting history like? How often do they post and does the content engage?

  • What is the page reach and following look like?

  • Is their advert account active? Any banned ads or payment issues?

  • Do they have their audiences and pixels set up and tracking correctly?

  • Do they have any active accounts and what is their overall spend like?

  • Is their Instagram account set up fully and on brand?

  • Are they using story highlights, links and hashtags well?

  • How often are they posting and does the content engage well?

Download your own Audit template here