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Social Media Training

Social Media is a frikin weapon for small business.

We’re here to help.

Social Media marketing is the most efficient and cost effective way to reach your customers. Period.

So why aren’t more businesses using Social Media to advertise? Because they haven’t learnt how to use it effectively and they get frustrated when they can’t make money back off their adverts! And that’s where we come in…. No matter the size of your company, nature of your business or current level of social media knowledge.. we can help you become more successful with Social Media marketing.

I’m a total Newbie

Your a small to medium sized business or a new marketer wanting to learn all things Social Media. You might have used Facebook for your own page but haven’t started advertising and still have no idea how to properly set up and which channels you should use. This course is for you if:

  • You’re just getting set up and started with Social Media
  • You want to learn how Social Media works and how to advertise
  • You want someone to guide you through the basics
  • You want to see step by step videos and explainer guides
  • You have 1- 2 hours a week spare over 6 weeks
  • You like money and want to make more of it
  • You want to learn about Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram
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Upgrade Me

So you are a small to medium sized business and you’re set up and maybe advertising on Social Media…. but have no idea how to become more successful and your not sure you getting the best return on your advert spend? You feel stressed out by social media and you’re kinda of doing it but you know it could be better. Then this course is for you – if you want to learn:

  • Advanced advert strategies that kick ass
  • How pixels work and how to use them
  • The power of content marketing
  • Step by step guides on how to create killer adverts
  • How to understand ROI and what is a good advert looks like
  • How to spend money wisely on Facebook
Upgrade Me

Keep Me Up to Date

You kinda have your S*** together with Social Media but you need to be kept up to date with the changes that happen and the latest trends and best practises so you can keep being awesome. Then you need to join our ongoing mentorship program – Stay Awesome and we will:

  • Update you the relevant changes on each platform – Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube
  • Show you how the changes can be used and what not to do
  • Show you how to set up new adverts and tackle different campaigns
  • Give you access to over 100 up to date “How to Videos” for everything Social
  • Show you real campaigns and what they results look like.
Keep Me Awesome

Host your own Party

We run social media training tailored your business needsĀ in house directly with your team (we can tailor in house training to timelines that work for you but we do suggest a couple of weeks to allow you time to learn and apply your skills)