Split Test Challenge

FloSocial Learning
  • Split testing is a systematic approach to finding the best performing advert for each audience you serve ads to

  • A simple split test can run over 5 days and can be run over different audiences

  • Remember split testing can only be done against the same advert objective, different advert objectives will track different results and they cannot be compared in a split test

Day 1

  • Creative makes up around 95% of your ads performance so it’s key to test this first.

  • Use 4- 6 images that are visually different

  • If using a video – use 3 – 4 different video thumb nails to create a different look in the newsfeed

Day 2

  • Check in which image is performing the best

  • Turn off the images that aren’t doing as well

  • Monitor the ad for another 24 – 48 hours

Campaign Budget optimisation is the best option for getting the lowest cost ads!

Day 3

  • It’s time to test some copy and the headline is the next key area of the ad to test

  • Duplicate the winning image into a new ad set ( remember to restart the race ) and create different versions with different headlines

Day 4

  • It’s time to test the Primary text – aka the copy that goes above the ad. Again duplicate the ads into a new ad set to restart the race

  • All businesses are different and their is no write or wrong in terms of copy, you can try short copy, long copy, ask questions and use emojis

Day 5

  • Did you pick the winner? No you should be able to see which copy works best for your ad

  • Once you are confident in what’s working and what’s not – you can now scale your ads by increasing the budget or adding more ad sets

  • You can test more items like the call to action button or different versions of the advert type if you want to keep refining your ads