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Stay Awesome and Up to Date

Want to stay up to date and generally totally awesome on Social Media?

Our Stay Awesome Ongoing Mentorship can help you stay awesome and up to date!

Are you finding Social Media..?

  • Great but it’s hard to keep up with the changes
  • Frustrating to know if you adverts are working
  • Not sure if you are using the right platforms for your business
  • You are out of ideas on what to post on your channels

What’s in it for me?

Here is how we keep you up to date and awesome on social media

  1. Join our Facebook community and meet more awesome business owners like you
  2. Access the FloSocial learning library and watch awesome video and explainers on how to do all things social
  3. We teach everything about Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Email marketing and general marketing stuff
  4. We will show you awesome examples from different industries ads, strategies and campaign and then teach you have to apply all the good stuff to your account
  5. We run weekly Facebook lives and webinars, answer questions and discuss all things social
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So How do I Stay Awesome?

Want in? Well alrighty then.. here are the deets

Your Ticket to Awesome
  • Access to the Library of Greatness and How Tos – a full video library of explainer videos showing you how to do just about everything on Social Media. Step by Step instructions covering everything from posting to advanced strategy and its updated like all the time.
  • Join our Private Facebook group for live videos, case studies and updates ( absolutely no wanky stuff, no one selling scented candles and no pictures of your kids on holiday- just useful stuff)
  • Bulletin email updates – if a massive change happens to any of the platforms we will send you an email update of exactly what’s happened, why it’s a big deal and what you need to do now
  • All the best practise, up to date info, ideas to tackle problems and help if it goes wrong.