One of the biggest frustrations businesses have with social media is how quickly things change. How do you stay up to date with social media when the campaign you ran last month has stopped working, what you thought you knew is no more and every time you login things look different and new features are added all the time.

Here are 5 tips to stay updated with the ever changing world of social media

  1. Subscribe directly to the update from Facebook for Business, follow LinkedIn on LinkedIn and follow Instagram for Business on Instagram – these platform will help you see when new features are added to each platform.
  2. Watch for tips as you open each platform. When a new feature is added each platform will usually notify you when you next login and offer a tour or more info on the changes – don’t just dismiss these when they happen, even if your not sure they are relevant to you – just take a few moments to check out the update.
  3. Beware the “fake news” or “alternative facts ” sometimes rumors are spread about platforms in chain mails, posts and poorly researched articles like “Facebook is going to start charging its users to have an account ” – given that the platform has been around for 12 years and is still free, growing and thriving – fees are unlikely to happen now.
  4. Stay close to your data. By knowing your own numbers like how much it costs you on average to generate a lead or click when you run Facebook ads or how many likes, comments you will get on a post you can see when things are changing or slowing down and if you need to review and update your tactics
  5. Book a consult with a social media strategist ( yes this is a shameful plug ) It’s our job to stay updated with the new changes and how to use new features as they come out. If you’re not sure on how to stay ahead and which adverts or features are right for your business then get help from an expert and take the guess work out.

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