Stuck in a Posting Rut?

//Stuck in a Posting Rut?

Not sure what to post on your social channels any more?

Feel like your posting the same thing over and over again? Stuck for ideas on what to post? Not having a plan or having ideas set about what to post on your social media channels can be frustrating, You may end up just constantly posting things as you go – with no rhyme or reason and feel stressed that your never on top of things. Here are some of our top tips for getting out of the posting slump and back in to your content mojo again.

  • Create a mini series – instead of trying to tackle one big issues or topic on one go. Why not break it down into a mini series of smaller, snackable posts. Let you audience know this is part one of 3 or 4 and give them a little  trailer of what’s coming up next time.
  • Ask for Q&A- ask your audience what they want to know about from you? Invite question and then create either a series of posts on the topic. You can even address the individual if appropriate – for example … “Tracy from NSW wanted to know ….”
  • Look at engagement – look back over your engagement rate . The engagement rate on your posts can be one of the most important indicators that people are resounding to your content. Check out this video to see how to check your engagement rate .Super Charge Social Media – How to view enagement rate from FloSocial on Vimeo.

    Find you most engaged posts and see where you can create similar ideas or types of content.

  • What kind of seasonal content can you create? Are you in a business that can link into seasons or current events – for example are you a hairdresser that can create content around xmas parties or a baker that can talk about seasonal produce. Where  can you link into current seasons or events and create topical content.

Have fun, don’t post for the sake of posting – post less often but with more value.