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Need to reboot your Corporate Social Media ?

Revitalize your Company’s approach to Social Media with our Suited and Rebooted strategy sessions

Need to refresh your strategy and up skill your team?

Keeping your social media strategy up to date and keeping your team on top of the latest changes in social media is really frikin hard! How do you know your not missing opportunities because you just don’t know what’s out there?

This is how we can help! We can come to your office and meet with you and your team and help you build a successful social media strategy and up skill your team with the latest updates and tricks to run this strategy for you!

So why does this work soooooo well?  Because we are experts in social media strategy and training! It’s our job to be up to date with the latest ads, funnels and ways to maximize on social media and we gain lots of experience from working across different industries. We take all this good stuff and join force with your team ( like a super social media crime fighting force – except with less crime and more sales ) and we help your team move your business forward.

What can we cover in these sessions?

We can help you build your Social Media strategy or revamp your current one and up skill your team at the same time.

We can help you to:

  • Understand each platform in depth including Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snap Chat
  • Learn how to use multiple platforms to create better sales  and opportunities.
  • Help your team learn new skill or increase their knowledge of the social media platforms
  • Improve your advert performance and Return of Investment

Why should you learn with us? Cos we are like really smart!

We are Facebook Accredited!

Founder and Director Lynsey Fraser is one of Australia’s BluePrint Certified Facebook Strategic Planners. This is the top qualification available for Facebook marketers with the award is directly from Facebook. BluePrint Marketers undergo strict and really hard exams every year to remain part of the program.  This is the only accreditation available from Facebook and the award is recognized internationally.

No Cowboys allowed!

We are totes over the cowboys in this Industry .. like we know they have the coolest boots and the horse is pretty cute but we are sick of all the “get rich quick” an “here is a 10 step program to make a million bucks from one $5 Facebook advert!” programs out there.

Our Founder and Director Lynsey Fraser is not guru but she is an expert in Adult Vocational Education with over 250 courses runs internationally and over 5000 teaching hours in her career. Lynsey is also  a Facebook Certified Marketer, runs a successful Social Media agency and has worked with some of the leading global brands in her previous role as Social Media manager for one of Australia’s largest ASX listed retailers.

And sometime she can be really funny… sometimes