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Need to reboot your Corporate Social Media ?

Revitalize your Company’s approach to Social Media with our Suited and Rebooted strategy sessions

Keeping your social media strategy up to date and keeping your team on top of the latest changes in social media is really frikin hard! How do you know your not missing opportunities because you just don’t know what’s out there?

This is how we can help! We can come to your office and meet with you and your team and help you build a successful social media strategy and up skill your team with the latest updates and tricks to run this strategy for you!

So why does this work soooooo well?  Because we are experts in social media strategy and training! It’s our job to be up to date with the latest ads, funnels and ways to maximize on social media and we gain lots of experience from working across different industries. We take all this good stuff and join force with your team ( like a super social media crime fighting force – except with less crime and more sales ) and we help your team move your business forward.


Social Media Education for Franchise Businesses

Need to train at scale?

We specialise in training franchise businesses in social media marketing – custom made to the needs of the team. We can build, run and manage your franchisee training making sure your franchisee’s are supported, successful and up to date with social media. Our services can include:

  • A custom made, secure,  online training platform for your team
  • Face to Face training’s in every state and territory
  • Access to a dedicated social media and marketing support desk
  • Ongoing live webinars and training sessions
  • Deep dive strategy sessions and marketing planning
  • Presenting and workshops at conferences and events
  • Social media SOS sessions for distressed businesses

Contact us to discuss your businesses needs.