The Nerd Herd

Want ongoing help and support with your Socials?

FloSocial’s Nerd Herd is your answer to all your ongoing Social Media Marketing training needs! Its an ongoing support service that gives it members access to awesome content, weekly live group coaching and being kept up to date with changes that happen on Social Media. Never feel frustrated and alone again with your Social Media – join the Nerd Herd now

If you have no clue where to start, we suggest that you take one of our awesome course first to give you a more intense deep dive into social media and then join the nerd herd to get ongoing support

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Why Join the Nerd Herd

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Being Part of the Nerd Herd gives you access to:

  • The Library of Greatness and How to’s – our complete video resource library with a step by step explainer videos of how to do just about anything on Social media. With over 160 videos covering all things Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Groups – where like minded nerds can meet, chat and bounce ideas around ( we only let cool people join this so never any spam or hate allowed )
  • Updates sent to you when their is a significant change on any of the social platforms from our SOS bot – keeping you up to date and informed.
  • Access to Weekly LIVE office hours where you can chat to an actual human about your social media marketing.
  • Exclusive content and webinars each month from guest experts
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Are you Cool enough to join the Nerd Herd?

Now not everyone is actually cool enough to be a nerd so we have a very strict selection criteria. To join the Nerd Herd you must:

  • Be a Human – no apes, cats, self aware robots or monkey who know sign language
  • Be willing to spend $49 of your earth dollar each and every month you want to be part of the herd ( you can leave when evs you like but you won’t want to )
  • Be involved in some part/ type of social media marketing – it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are a serious professional
  • Be nice to other Nerds, nerding ain’t easy so we only allow members who show support, respect and niceness to other.
  • Agree that Batman would totally kick Superman’s ass in a fight ( this is not a real rule – we just feel quite strongly about this)
  • Helpful if you don’t mind some mild swearing, 80 sitcom references and some real talk about social media, marketing and business.
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