The Social Media Managers Survival Guide to Xmas

Tis the season to be Jolly for most but for a Social Media Managers the Christmas season can be a blood bath of higher CPA’s, increased campaigns, tighter deadlines and tougher media buying conditions. Let’s face it …Christmas can suck some giant jingle balls for our Industry .. so here are some tips and tricks to help you survive the dreaded “Festive Season”


I don’t care if you need to strap your clients to a chair and rough them up a little – you have to get them to finalise and sign off on your strategy now ( preferably September but if that didn’t happen – do it now )  You simply don’t have the time or freedom later in the year to successfully execute anything on the fly.

Q4 of the year is gonna get aggressive as major industries start dumping budgets into Facebook ads driving up the competition in the auction and increasing CPA’s, if you are not ready to start running in early October you are already on the back foot.

October and November are your key months to start prospecting hard so you gotta get them moving!

Test your Tracking

If you are tracking any retail/ecomm sales results make sure your Pixels are working perfectly- nothing worse that creating awesome campaigns that you can effectively track. Use the Test events feature with Event Manager to make sure everything is firing exactly as it should do.

Make sure your Attribution report is set up and you have all agreed upon an attribution window – will the Christmas season change your customer purchase behaviour? Do they purchase in faster cycles or do you have a faster moving product line at this time of year? Make sure your attribution model reflects your sales behaviour and can efficiently pick up on all sales.


Go hard or go home – now is not the time to be timid, you are in the heart of the battle, your testing should be done and this is the time to start scaling campaigns up for retain/ eComm. November up until Black Friday is a crucial prospecting period – use you hottest creative, launch your biggest campaigns, spend significant  – I know this feels too early but after Black Friday you want to be closing sales and driving conversions at the bottom of the funnel so get your campaigns moving to have enough data, audiences and awareness to be able to retarget and remarket like a champ

Black Friday Beware

Whether your clients are retailers or not Black Friday into Cyber Monday is the most noisy time of the year to advertise on Social Media. It’s a great time for retailers to ride the wave and offer a discount to rev up conversions but caution against being super aggressive here as you will end up with a Pixel full of people only looking for cheap deals  and that will throw off your retargeting

If your clients are not in retail – warn then about the platforms changes and Black Friday weekend is not the time to launch something new – they will be drowned out of the auction in a sea of 20% plus free shipping creatives.


Close the bottom of the funnel – now is not a great time to launch anything new so lean into the audiences you have already warned up and retarget hard.  Keep your creative short and sharp – nobody got time for long format copy or 3 minute videos.

Advise non retail clients to switch efforts over to brand building or advocacy campaigns. The cost of advertising is crazy and consumer behaviour is changing at this time of year, people are preparing for holidays, kicking back and taking time off they are spending less time making decisions or on focused research. It’s gonna be a slower time for lead gen and B2B so encourage them to ride this out and focus in on their current customers to create some extra advocacy and brand love that can traded on next year.

Prepare to be out off the Office

Ha ha Jokes – we are Social Media Manager – anywhere we have phone signal is considered the office BUT you can get prepared to do less and actually have some time off ( for like a day ) over the festive season. Here’s how:

  • Schedule like a MOFO – get that Planoly filled, used Creator Studio if you have to but get ahead of you posts as much as you can
  • Automated rules – need to make sure a campaign turn off is the ROAS rises? Want to make sure your on track with your Conversion value – automated rules are gonna be your friend
  • Make sure the community managers, website and pages are updated with any Xmas trading times ahead of time ( pro tip – use your cover image for Brick and Mortar retail stores with your festive trading times displayed- it will save you answering about a million questions )
  • Make sure your product catalogue is set up to sync hourly – not daily – so if you are going into a new sale on the 26th of Dec- it will automatically update your FB and Insta shop prices – if you leave it to sync once a day – you will get bombarded with questions on price
  • Gotta swap over cover images on the 26th ( or the night of the 25th) to mark a new sales period? Sadly these can’t be scheduled but you can save them to your phone and update them from Page Manager  ( yes you can switch from Business Suite over to the old Page Manager to do this)