Business Manager

Love it or hate it – Business Manager/Suite is here to stay! 

Business Manager has had some significant updates to quickly patch up loop holes and privacy issues that have made is tricky to navigate. It was originally designed for agencies and was never given the same user experience design and explanation as many of the other features in Facebook.

However – Business Manager is also packed full of awesome features! Incredible tools and reports that will make your life easier and many safety features that will actually make your life better. This resource will show you how.

What Business Manager does?

Business Manager was a system designed for agencies and businesses to manage multiple pages and assets and share access effectively between their team members. Unlike Instagram – that has a single key entry ( one username and one password ) Business Manager allows Facebook pages and advertising assets to have different levels of access allocated to different people.


Allow different levels of access

Business Manager allows you to create different levels of access for your team and allocate access on a per asset basis to each person. Business Manager has 2 levels of access – Admin meaning you have control over all of the assets and can give other access too or Employee – you can be given access to any asset within the Business Manager


Secure your accounts

Business Manager is safer as it requires 2 factor authentication to access it. It allows you to  revoke access from a team member  in one click and remove their access to all accounts. It also allows for more data transparency when uploading customer information and it enhances ownership rights and safe guards you assets in one place


Access more tools and features

Business Manager allows you to access more reporting tools and creative tools. You can link assets into a line of business and create attribution reports or group your assets together and create a Business asset group – making it faster to add or remove new team members to a project. It also allows you to share creative mock ups between teams

How to Set Up and work with Clients

  • Both the Agency and the Client should have their own Business Manager – this keeps you both safe and allows you to ethically share assets

  • You may need to help a client set up their Business Manager up first and help them add of their assets

  • Share assets with your client using the partnership method – rather than adding you as an individual into their Business Manager or creating them within your own

Managing Payments on Behalf of Clients

  • In some circumstances we need to take on the payment responsibilities for clients as well, in this case create a new advert account for your clients- add your payment method and then share the account with them

  • Have one advert account per client so if their account gets suspended it won’t effect other clients and will make reporting easier

Problem Solving Ownership

  • Get your client to login in to their Facebook account and then go to to see if they have set up a business manager account and what assets they have connected to it

  • Check within Business Manager who owns the page or check via page roles within the page settings

  • You may need to transfer ownership of the assets over to the clients business manager – to do this you will need approval from the page owner as well as their Instagram password if the Instagram account is linked