On boarding New Clients

  • A contract or booking agreement to state your costs and expectations from working together

  • Collect their information so you can access their accounts

  • Help them understand the process

  • Book a call or meeting with your new client and walk them through the process

Here is an example of a booking agreement we use with our clients. This is only a sample and you need to get professional legal advice in order to create the right agreement for you business needs.

Example of a Booking Form

Below is the sample of an On boarding Page we send to our new clients

Welcome To FloSocial

Your life just got more awesome

Let’s Get The Party Started

Welcome to a Non Agency – just like a Social Media agency, but way cooler.

We’re really good at Social Media – just ask us.

We need to get very close really quickly.
So let’s hit targets – starting now.

FloSocial Target

The Nitty Gritty

This Is The Process

  • Read All This

  • Set Up Admin

  • Access To Folder Or Drive

  • Fill Out The Game Plan

  • Sign, Initial & Date Full Agreement

  • Enjoy A Cocktail (We’ll Join You)

All ads are run from your advert accounts.
You’re in control of your credit cards, spending, and most importantly, your data. It’s all yours.

We don’t take any percentage of advertising spend.
We know every dollar in a small business counts – so let’s spend smarter, not harder.

We have no lock in contracts.
We are not bound to any set terms, though we do stress it can take a few months to test and trial strategies.

Our company policy is to respond to requests within 24 hours.
Usually we’re so awesome, it’s a lot less.

We don’t share your data or publish case studies of our clients’ results.
There’s nothing more to say about that really.

We send monthly performance reports.
And sometimes, we send doughnuts.

We send invoices from your agreed start date, payable 7 days after the invoice date.
Just so you know.

We charge a $100 late payment fee.
Okay, we are not dicks about this. If you know a payment is gonna be late, we’re cool with that: just tell us.

We accept card and bank transfers.
We are not cool enough yet to accept Bitcoin. Soz.

Do you need special payment dates and terms?
Talk to us about it.

Keys To The Kingdom

It’s time to get really deep and meaningful. The best way to do this starts with accessing your brand and your Social Media accounts to understand your business and customers.
This is what we need:

  • Access to a folder or shared drive with your brand logos, images and videos

  • Set up as an admin on your Facebook page and Advertising account – just watch our handy video to show you how, here

The Game Plan

Get comfortable.
Things are about to go deep.

Because every successful project starts with an amazing Game Plan.

The Game Plan is the blueprint, defining the scope and requirements of our agreement while containing the goals to be completed.

Filling in the Game Plan helps us understand your vision and avoid confusion. Make the Game Plan as comprehensive and detailed as possible.

The more information you include (even if in note or bullet point form), the more awesome we’ll be. If you can’t provide details, just move to the next question. If you are interrupted mid-session, just click through to the end. You’ll be able to return and edit when it suits you.

Help us be awesome for you so we can be awesome together. We look forward to making you Social Media Amazing.

In addition to filling out the Game Plan, you will receive a link by email to documents requiring you read over, sign, initial and date; which as a whole forms the entirety of our agreement.

Got Questions?

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