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Pixels and Shopify

The Facebook pixel is a little piece of tracking code that helps us understand how customers interact with our websites. Each advert account can create one tracking Facebook Pixel and add it to their website. Pixels can share with us valuable information about how visitors browse our sites, when they take actions like view certain products are add products to carts, they help let us know the exact return on investment from our Facebook ads and help us build better audiences of more engaged shoppers
In this lesson we will show you how to use the Facebook and Shopify integration

Adding your pixel

  • Facebook and Shopify work together and have a purpose built integration to talk to each other

  • You just need to add your Pixel ID to your Shopify store and follow the step by step guide on screen

  • Shopify will automatically create a Facebook catalogue for you with all your products and will also create a business manager account for you if you don’t have one

The Facebook Marketing App

  • Once your pixel ID is added you will need to add the Facebook marketing app

  • Sign in with your personal profile and then set up your page, ad account and business manager

  • This will automatically create your product catalogue and feed between your Shopify store and Facebook advert account