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Adding the Pixel to your Store

Shopify and Woocommerce make up the majority of eCommerce websites worldwide, but never fear as Facebook has a host of partner integrations that sync up with a host of different stores and will show you with step-by-step instructions how to get your pixel to work with your store.

Adding your Pixel to other ECommerce Platforms

  • Campaign objectives are split into 3 categories – awareness, consideration and conversion

  • Under each category are adverts that help you achieve that objective

  • You are free to choose any advert

FloSocia Connected

Didn’t see your eCommerce site listed or have a custom-built site?

Don’t worry you can still add your pixel to your eCommerce store but you will need to use Google Tag Manager and add the code manually. It’s a bit more complex and we recommend you either reach out to us or another credible developer who understands Facebook pixel code to help you set this up.

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