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Dynamic Ads

A Dynamic Ad is an advert that is only shown to a person who has triggered a certain event on your website. The Facebook pixel is able to see who is looking at which areas of your website, we can use this to give Facebook a very specific set of instructions to show ads to a person who sets of one of those triggers.

Some examples of dynamic ads are

  • Sending an advert to someone who has added a product to your cart but not purchased (recovering your abandoned carts)
  • To show someone a certain product set of ads because they purchased from another advert set (up-selling or cross-selling)
  • To remind someone who has purchased to repurchase a new product

Setting up Dynamic ads

  • Dynamic ads are triggered by a person’s behaviour on your website and you are only charged when they are seen – no website traffic, no dynamics ads shown means no budget spent

  • Dynamic ads are only available for the catalogue sales objective