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Planning Tools and Tricks

The Hour of Power

Now you can create your next 3 months plan in much more detail and, start working on the content and scheduling it. 3 months is most efficient timeframe because;

  1. It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day.
  2. It frees up your time if your content is ready and prescheduled.
  3. It allows you time to make the most of sale opportunities and test your funnels
  4. 3 months is long enough to be organised but not so long that you can’t be reactive or change tactic as you see what’s working
  5. It gives you time to explore themes and ideas

Apps You Need

FloSocial Learning

These tools make managing Facebook super easy, allowing you to run your business from the palm of your hand. They’ll help you transform your social media into being da bomb.

  • Facebook Page Manager
    A dedicated app for managing your Facebook business pages on the go

  • Facebook Ads Manager App
    An easy way to schedule ads from your mobile as well as accessing your tracking and insights

  • Facebook Audience Insights
    Get insights into your target audiences to create relevant advertisements for them

  • Facebooks Ad Guide
    Get the creative specs and technical requirements for ads of every type

  • Facebook Pixel Checker on Chrome
    Verify your pixel works, troubleshoot common errors and learning how to improve performance with this handy app (which also gives you insights into stalking your competitors –  very handy)

  • Facebook Blueprint
    Facebooks very own online learning platform to show you how to do all things Facebook. Full of short videos and case studies, it’s totes interesting.


FloSocial Office Man

Go forth now and start to action your awesome eCommerce stores and amazing Facebook ads. Remember that you will still be trialling and testing your ads and it will take time to find the sweet spot. You now have tools that will show you what is working and what is not working and all you have to do is keep watching your results, keep trying new things and keep selling hard. 

Happy Social Media-ing!