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The Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”

Could you prepare to run a marathon without a training plan? Could you cook a new dish without a recipe? Planning helps us reach the best outcomes – faster! And in marketing, this is the same. You need to know what your biggest goals are, BEFORE you can plan how to get there.

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The main stumbling block for most businesses is their social media marketing. It’s often an afterthought and becomes too stressful as they randomly post on the run then not see results from their efforts.

Planning is essential to success and in 4 easy steps, we will show you where to start and what to do.

Social Starter: Make A Plan

Step 1: Map Out Your Year

We don’t mean to map out a full years’ worth of content. In fact, we advise against this with the many frequent changes to social media platforms that could see your efforts wasted.

Rather, map out key dates, events, sales periods, and anything else of significance to your business.

Do you have a sales calendar?
Are there key sales periods, holidays, or product launches you need to think about?
When is your busy season?
When is your quiet season?

Taking time to map out your year ahead helps with making better decisions and taking the stress out of managing your social media channels.

Step 2: Map Out Key Sales Periods

3 questions you need to be able to answer…

!) When do you need to start selling or start creating your sales funnels to optimise your main sales periods?

2)How long is your average sales cycle?

3) Do you need to advertise each month or per quarter or for specific events?

Social Starter: Map Out Key Sales Periods

Step 4: Plan Your Next 3 Months

Now you can create your next 3 months plan in more detail and start working on an outline for your content with a schedule.

3 months is the most efficient timeframe because:

  • It’s far more efficient to plan and prepare content in batches than it is to try and post each day

  • Your time is freed up when your content is ready and prescheduled

  • There is more time to make the most of sale opportunities and testing your funnels

  • It’s long enough to be organised, but not so long you can’t be reactive or change tactic to see what’s working and what’s not

  • More time can be used to explore themes and ideas

Social Starter: Plan Next 3 Months

Social Media Planner 

Use this simple Social Media Planner to schedule your content and ads each month.
It’s an old skool Google-sheet made pretty just for you, so you can just make yourself a copy and make it work for you.

Access an editable Social Media Planner