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Facebook Shops

Facebook will allow you to create a shop feature within your page that will show your product info and have links to that product on your website. You can also tag products into your page posts to allow you to create more visibility and opportunities to sell your products.

There are a number of ways to create your Facebook shop – either through your eCommerce integration or from your catalogue manager or manually adding the products into the shop.

Setting up a Facebook Shop and Instagram Tags on Shopify

  • Once you have your pixel and marketing features set up then you can add new online sales channels.

  • To add your Facebook shop and Instagram tags you will need to create them as new sales channels.

  • Instagram tags can take up to 2 weeks to be approved and added to your account.

Creating a Facebook Shop in Woocomerce

  • To create your shop, access the Facebook setting within the integrations tab on Woocommerce

  • By selecting the manage connection and then add your Facebook shop – your shop will be automatically created.

  • Your shop will be dynamic and automatically updated when you add products to your store.

Manually Creating your Facebook Shop

  • Inside of the page setting, you can add a ‘shop’ tab to your page

  • Agree to Facebooks commerce policies and decide where you want customers be sent to to purchase your product

  • Manually added Shops are not dynamic and need to be updated manually