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Conversion ads

The conversion ad objective is a type of advert that designed to drive a particular event on your website called a conversion. The advert is based on using the information sent back from your Facebook pixel to tell you when someone has taken a particular action on your website like getting all the way through your checkout or filling in a form.

When we create a conversion advert we give Facebook the instruction that says find me more people who will do this particular action and get through my website to fire back this particular conversion. Facebook will also use this instruction to look at your audience and find the people in it who are most likely to perform that action>

Remember what we said in module 1 – Facebook has a lot of data on its users and will know out of your audience who is most likely to purchase etc.

Facebook will then track from the people who clicked on or viewed your advert over a period of time (called a conversion window) and report back if any of them went to your website and performed action like making a purchase. Facebook will report back on the number of conversions and the cost per conversion – how much money you had to spend on adverts to get someone to buy from you. You will also be able to track how much money you returned from your campaign. More on that in the next module.

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Creating a conversion advert

  • We select the conversion advert objective from the Objectives menu and then select which conversion event we want to track

  • Create the rest of the advert as normal and make sure your links go back to your eCommerce store

  • Facebook will now report on the number of conversions and the cost per conversion

  • It’s important to set the right conversion goal as Facebook will follow your instructions closely