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Where are you making sales from?

Ever wondered which of your adverts were making the difference to your sales or which channel like Facebook or Instagram helped you make more sales? Understanding your sales channels is key but recent changes with apples iOS14.5 tracking rules can make accurately seeing your sales results from Facebook harder to understand

*apple introduced a pop up that allows any user on a device running the iOS14.5 operating system to opt out of being tracked by the Facebook pixel – without this tracking we can not always clearly attribute your sales to Facebook ads. 

So how do your know your Facebook ads are working?

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Ads Manager

Ads Manager is your first line of truth when looking at your Facebook ad sales BUT remember it will only be showing sales that fall within it’s attribution window – meaning sales are tracked if someone makes a purchase within 7 days of clicking on that ad or 1 day after viewing the ad ( called an attribution window of 7 days click and 1 day view  ) so it will not show sales that will be captured outside of this window.

UTMs and Google Analytics

As Facebook cannot track sales if a customer choses to opt out on iOS14.5 we now need additional tools to be able to verify and track our sales. One way to do this is using a UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) this is a unique tag we add to our links that allow us to track exactly where and when the link was clicked.

UTMs work with Google Analytics. We can’t show you everything Google analytics has to offer but we do recommend doing the FREE Google Analytics course here to get an insight into this powerful analytics tool.

UTM help us understand our sales as they are able to pass detailed information about where the link was clicked from. Lets say you are selling via your email list, Facebook ads and with a referral link via your influencers, if everyone uses the same link then we cannot see which channel drove the sale, but adding a UTM to each link can help you identify which channel drove the click because even though the URL is leading to the same place it will also show where it was clicked from.

You can create your own UTMs to track your  Facebook campaigns  or use Facebooks own naming systems called  Dynamic URL parameters. Dynamic URL parameters can pull in the campaign name, ad set name, ad name, placement etc to give you a better insight into the campaigns performance. Facebooks Dynamic URL parameters include:

  • ad_id={{}}
  • adset_id={{}}
  • campaign_id={{}}
  • ad_name={{}}
  • adset_name={{}}
  • campaign_name={{}}
  • placement={{placement}}
  • site_source_name={{site_source_name}}
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Third Party Tools

If you are advertising across a number of different channels and need one central source of truth to follow you may need to subscribe to a third party analytics tool. Facebook and Google use different signals and attribution windows to track results and often you will see different results in each platform, using a third party tool gives you one source of truth across all of your platforms.

Third party tools could be: