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Director and Chief Nerd Lynsey caught up with Gym Click Media at a recent social media event in Melbourne. Lynsey and Eugene discuss how video plays a key role in marketing for Fitness Professionals

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Australian Fitness Network Magazine – YouTube for PTs

Extract “YouTube is much more than just a hosting site for funny cat videos and epic gym fail compilations – it’s now the second most used search engine in the world after Google (its parent company). It’s a powerful platform for searching for information and can be a useful tool for selling to, and retaining, more PT clients.” 

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Savvy SME – 7 Content Marketing ideas that never fail for small business

Extract “Producing social media content can be challenging especially with the pressure to come up with fresh ideas. Sometimes frustration takes hold and we don’t post anything because we are simply out of ideas. But you can produce amazing content and recycle these ideas over and over—and we’re about to teach you how.”

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Australian Fitness Network magazine – Lead Gen for Fitness Clubs

Extract “Lead generation and referrals are vital to the survival of any health club, training studio or fitness business – no matter how big or small. People come and go, change jobs, relocate, and have unexpected financial commitments take precedence over their health, so having an ongoing pipeline of leads is vital for success.”

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What’s New in Fitness Magazine- Autumn 2018

Extract Social Media has revolutionised the way we can market our businesses and connect with potential new customers.It’s an ever-changing world and it can be tricky to know what to do. Here are 4 simple tips for gym owners and health clubs to focus on for their social media channels.”

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FILEX Podcast – Social Media for the Fitness Industry

Oliver Kitchener from Australian Fitness Network interviews Lynsey Fraser for The Fitness Industry podcast discussing all things content marketing in the fitness space

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