Why LinkedIn is on the rise

Until recently, LinkedIn has primarily been the most unloved out of all the social media networks. Most people only used when they were looking for free business favours or job hunting. Towards the middle of last year, LinkedIn started to come into its own. People who were sick of the viral memes and data breaches turned to LinkedIn for grit, real news, and real conversations.

LinkedIn advertising is now a thing and more recently, LinkedIn’s effort to become a true competitor saw the introduction of LinkedIn video.

LinkedIn Director of  Product for Marketing Solutions, Abhishek Shrivastava reported video posts on the professional social media channel were averaging 3x more engagement of text-based posts. Yet many companies remain stuck in their ways—believing what’s worked in the past will continue working in the future.

Video content for your LinkedIn newsfeed is a sure-fire way to make sure you stand out in a crowd. Once upon a time, before the smartphone, delivering video content required a significant outlay of funds, not to mention the cumbersome way of uploading it to your computer.

Why Smartphones are the smartest way to make video content

With today’s mobile devices, the world of video-on-the-go awaits. It’s simply a push of a few buttons and VOILA! Of course,  with a world of apps to choose from you can edit and get super fancy, and the quality of the videos from straight-to-camera candid pieces are nothing short of amazing. No need to worry about lighting.

How to use video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn video can be used to jazz up your profile. Select the media section, which you’ll find under summary and you can a) add a video link to your profile which people can then click or b) upload, this gives you what you’ll often here referred to as native video (only recordable through the LinkedIn app and not available for company pages just yet). You can also use video on your newsfeed and for advertising.

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Where to learn more about LinkedIn

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