Get your company on the same page with social media training!

Training your franchisees on social media is just as important as ensuring everyone knows how to recite the company motto and the ‘correct’ way to close a sale. As a franchisor—no matter what industry—training is not just your responsibility, it’s your legal obligation.

When entering a contract, you will find further training is included as part of the terms and conditions, on a regular basis. It’s crucial to equip your franchise owners with the tools to grow the business. In today’s digital age ensuring your team know how to use social media is just as important as making certain they know your product range and pricing.

Why do franchisees need to be trained in social media?

Although your franchises are independently owned, they represent the same company and the same branding guidelines apply. Formalised social media training and the introduction of a social media policy is a proactive way to ensure your brand is consistent across your chosen social media channels and prevent potential social media crises.

There is a generation of internet trolls who are not shy about naming and shaming online if they experience bad service or inferior products. Bad customer experience with one branch can reflect on a company as a whole.  Do wrong by your customers and keyboard warriors who are only too happy to be part of a hunt, seek and destroy mission.

Making sure your business owners know how to handle bad reviews, content, advertising and what’s deemed acceptable behaviour.

Aside from being a great way to expand your brand awareness online, Facebook advertising allows franchisees to target their local area, and really define their audience so you’re not wasting your time advertising to people who have little to no interest in what you have to offer.

Regular training franchisees in social media marketing help both the franchisor meet their obligations and the franchisee to master their marketing

How to train franchises in social media?

When you hire a social media company such as FloSocial to take the reins, there are a number of ways social media training can take place. If you are part of a huge company, getting everyone together at the same time and place can be difficult. In some cases, where you have owners nationwide or further afield in New Zealand, organising online training via a portal or webinars is a more cost-effective way to do things.

Some people feel more comfortable with face-to-face training, and that’s cool. At FloSocial, we don’t always have to be the face you see via Vimeo videos or Skype. We have suitcases and will travel.

Whether it’s a week of comprehensive training or several seminars are broken down into bite-sized chunks, it’s all tailored to the participants’ needs.

Social media can be challenging—what to post, when to post it and how much to spend on advertising only scrapes the surface. If you’re looking for more information on upskilling your franchisees and to get a better idea of the return on your investment, get with the flow and talk to our team today.