8.25 seconds, slightly longer than a goldfish’s memory?

Boom! That’s the average attention span these days. 8.25 seconds to create a lasting impression or you’ve lost most people’s interest. Life is busy. People are impatient and want things fast; fast cars, fast internet speeds, fast food, fast responses and real-time updates.
It’s crucial to keep this in mind when writing your social media posts. Writing has to be snappy, there’s no room for embracing your inner windbag.
To help you out, because we’re good like that, we’ve put together some tips on how to make your social media posts tighter.

Get visual!

Video, graphics, infographics, photos, graphs…remember the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words? It still applies to today. 88% of Australian users watch online video content over any other sort. (Although keep in mind, blogs are still hugely important for ranking your website)

Avoid padding

Padding is extra words thrown in that are not necessary. Words like really, actually, okay, you know, well (as in well I guess), like (The farmers’ drought is like, really bad), basically, seriously, you see,  I mean, totally. There are loads more, but we realise if you’ve got this far through this article, we’ve already exceeded your attention span.


While some may not consider using emojis to be professional, they have become part of the way we communicate. They are acceptable if they fit your brand and the type of post you intend to schedule.


Only use these if they fit your brand. If you’re a medical centre and typing Tk 2 Ur Dr about type 2 diabetes 2moro, you may lose users who believe text speak is destroying the English language and come across as being untrustworthy or immature.


Don’t use your entire post to convey all your information in one post. Teasers are snippets of information that lure people to your website to find the bulk of the information. There’s a fine line between being vague leaving your followers confused and word vomit.

To learn more about social media tips and tricks, follow Flosocial on any of our social networks or sign up for one of our educational courses. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far, you have a longer attention span than most people.